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Scot Conway: Creating Community by Being Ohana

Episode Notes

About Scot Conway: Scot Conway, "Grandmaster Scot With 1 T," started martial arts in 1971 and earned the rank and title of Grandmaster after 45 years. He is the author of 44 books (all of which can be found on Amazon), teacher of 33 programs, and he's been seen in magazines since the 80s, as well as newspapers, radio, television, and even a movie. Also a lawyer, real estate broker, pastor, Ph.D., J.D., and generally person-with-a-crazy-resume, which he attributes to his super-powers of ADHD and dyslexia. Today, "Grandmaster Scot" or "Scot With 1 T" is best known outside of martial arts for The Ohana Way and his courses, coaching, and masterminds related to Ohana, a Hawaiian ideal of everything-positive-about-family.


In this episode, Jennie and Scot discuss:


Key Takeaways:


"We are all on the same side. We are all here to help each other." —  Scot Conway


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Website:, and guests can download a copy of The Ohana Way Report. By joining the Ohana, they can also get a copy of the full book: The Ohana Way, a One Conversation Method Masterclass, and some other bonuses!

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