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About Kevin McLoughlin: In Kevin’s own words-  I am a single parent, a team leader, a student of his industry and the people in it, and a professional musician. A minor outpatient procedure that put me on the couch for 6 weeks showed me that I needed to build my financial foundation on something sturdier than my own back. Direct sales has provided me with a way to spend more time with my kids, and now that they are grown, I use that flexibility to build my musical career. I have not had a job in over 25 yrs and I’m very happy about that.

In this episode, Jennie and Kevin discuss:

Key Takeaways:

"In America, even though we have the best legal system on the planet, it's not functioning as designed and you only get as much justice as you can afford and that's a problem. What I'm doing is making it affordable, and making the justice you deserve affordable." —  Kevin McLoughlin

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