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Janine Finney: The Flip Flop CEO

Episode Notes

About Janine Finney: I've been married for 28 years, have two daughters, two son's in law, and five grandchildren, that I ADORE. I used to be "the biggest skeptic on the planet about Network Marketing" and am now the profession’s greatest advocate. It is my absolute passion to bring clarity to this "best-kept secret" way to earn an income. The journey of my daughter and I having strongly opposing views about this business, lead us to write two books about NMing. "The Flip Flop CEO" is a sassy, girlfriend to girlfriend style book that was written for smart, savvy professional women who would probably never consider Network Marketing because of their "perception" of what it's about. "Does the Shoe Fit?" is the sequel to our first book and helps bridge the gap in understanding between the two different worlds of traditional 9-to-5s and Network Marketing.

In this episode, Jennie and Janine discuss:

Key Takeaways:

"We need to come together and help raise awareness at what a great business opportunity this is." —  Janine Finney


HOW TO USE “The Flip Flop CEO” & “Does the Shoe Fit?”


Suggested verbiage to “Set Up” giving the book to someone

Most important:  Be sincere and intentional

Step ONE

Explain why you are giving them the book, and want them to read the first 3 Chapters. (Verbiage examples are below)

Step TWO

Give them instructions…read the first three chapters, and ask THEM, 
“What is the best method to “read the book” for you…Kindle, Audible or hard copy”?  Always, set up an agreed upon follow up meeting (or call).


Let them know that you really appreciate their HONEST feedback…positive or negative.

You truly appreciate them doing this for you.


WHO is “The Flip Flop CEO” for?

Verbiage Examples

I have this book that explains it better than I can….and I’d really appreciate your HONEST feedback!”


 “Does the Shoe Fit?” 

Who is this book for?


Giveaway:  Free chapter of "The Flip Flop CEO" and "Does the Shoe Fit?"


Connect with Janine Finney:

Facebook: Janine Dunagan Finney
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                  The Clarity Movement by Flip Flop CEO Chicks for Change
Instagram: @JanineFinney 
LinkedIn: Janine Finney
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